Mar 11:     Auxiliary Members meeting - 6:30PM

Mar 18:     Member Meeting - 7:00PM

Kitchen now open Fridays starting at 5pm until 9 pm. Come back and check monthly for more information.


Feb 11:        Auxiliary Members meeting - 6:30PMt noon with Dean

Feb 15:        Polar Bear Plunge weekend.  Continuous music starting at noon.  Enjoy the Plunge and

                      then come and warm up with your friends at the Post.   Music starts at noon with       

                      Dean Donlevy who will be followed by the very popular "Just Joe"  performing

                      starting at 6PM.  Come early, stay late/.  The kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner'

 Feb 18:        Members Meeting - 7:00PM

Playoff Football

Come to the best place in Sea Isle to watch the Divisional games and the

Super Bowl.  5 big screen TV's to bring you all the excitement.  Our Kitchen will be open for halftime refreshments. 

Remember rain, snow, sleet or hail it always nice inside our Post.  Come and join your friends.

Calendar of Events

Please continue to watch this site monthly for future  special entertainment and  upcoming events.


Jan 1 :          Happy New Year 2019

Jan 14:         Auxialiary Member meeting - 6:30PM

Jan 21:           M-mbers Meeting - 7:00PM